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Specific skills

Specific skills

In addition to their traditional activities, lawyers from Solferino Associés have developed specific skills in the areas of sports law and inheritance law.

Sports law

Advice in Sports Law:

Fouad Bellaaroussi & Diane Hervey-Chupin guide their clients in the negotiation and drafting of various agreements such as those between sports agents and professional players as well as employment contracts and tripartite agreements between sports agents, clubs and professional players.

Fouad Bellaaroussi & Diane Hervey Chupin are also involved in setting up management structures to protect the image of professional players and in negotiating sponsorship contracts between professional players and brands.

Fouad Bellaaroussi is a registered sporting agent.

Sports litigation activity:

Fouad Bellaaroussi & Diane Hervey-Chupin are also active in the field of sports litigation, both in disputes between clubs and professional players and/or sports agents and also in disputes submitted to the jurisdiction of particular entities: (League of Professional Football, International Federation of Football Association (FIFA), Olympic Committees and Court of Arbitration for Sport).

Inheritance law

Guillaume Buge regularly intervenes in complex and/or international litigation before the civil, criminal or arbitration courts.

Solferino Associés lawyers assist heirs, legatees, executors of wills, future protection agents and any person likely to be involved in estate-related proceedings (trustees, fiduciaries, etc.).

Their expertise covers all matters relating to inheritance (will disputes, gifts, concealing of assets, estate inheritance, division, undivided litigation, rights of surviving spouses, delivery of legacies, etc.).


Health law

Advice in health law

The firm’s lawyers also advise health sector stakeholders (investors, governance structures and their executives) in their acquisition or restructuring operations in the human and veterinary health sector.

Litigation in health law

Oun-Tat Tieu and Guillaume Buge guide their clients, actors in health law and veterinary law (doctors, pharmacists, biologists, veterinarians and their structures of practice) in the various disputes related to their professional activity.

The firm’s lawyers regularly appear before state entities, dealing with matters of unfair competition, governance of structures or the status of healthcare professionals.

The firm is also recognised for its expertise in the application of regulations applicable to healthcare professionals, which enables it to provide the best support to its clients on specific issues, notably disciplinary and ethical.