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Partnerships and collaborations

Partnerships and collaborations

For areas of law outside of its scope of expertise and for cross border transactions and litigations, Solferino Associés works with a network of specialist firms.  According to the specifics of each case, Solferino Associés can constitute and coordinate an integrated team of lawyers and specialists.


Labour Law

Solferino Associés works regularly and in an integrated way on all issues of labour law, social security and complementary social protection with Aurélien Louvet (Partner) and Fadi Sfeir (Senior Associate) of Capstan Avocats.

With nearly 200 lawyers and 9 offices, Capstan is the leading law firm for labour law in France. In consulting as well as in litigation, Capstan Avocats lawyers support companies in all their legal issues related to the management of human resources.

Tax Law

The firm Cazals Manzo Pichot regularly accompanies Solferino Associés on the tax and structuring aspects of processed transactions as well as on issues relating to the personal taxation of its clients.

Cazals Manzo Pichot is an independent business and litigation law firm whose practice is exclusively dedicated to taxation. It relies in particular on a network of foreign correspondents mainly located in Europe, Asia and North America, rigorously selected according to the needs and expectations of each individual client.

Competition Law

Solferino Associés relies on Magenta’s expertise in competition law, particularly in merger control. Magenta is a law firm dedicated to competition law, deregulated sectors, new technologies and the media.